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After the Successful Completion of 1st Session Training on Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy 2023, We are opening up for the 2nd Session Training .

The Training Dates  :  27th May 2023 to  29th May 2023

Check out the April 2023 Session Training here 

Mahapatra Hospital, Cuttack Trains Doctors in Laparoscopy: The Training is Called " Scope of Scopy"

Mahapatra Hospital, Cuttack, a leading institution in medical education and training, has successfully completed a specialized program in laparoscopy. Six doctors who underwent the rigorous training have been singled out for their outstanding performance.

The laparoscopy training program offered by Mahapatra Hospital, Cuttack is designed to equip doctors with the skills and knowledge needed to perform Minimally invasive surgical procedures. 

The training involves both theoretical and practical components, with live surgeries conducted under the guidance of experienced surgeons. -  Dr Manoranjan Mahapatra and Prop. Susil Kumar Giri

Mahapatra Hospital, Cuttack congratulates these doctors on their outstanding achievement and thanks them for their commitment to excellence. 

Their hard work and determination have not gone unnoticed and will undoubtedly serve them well in their future careers.

Mahapatra Hospital, Cuttack is proud to offer this training program and invites any interested doctors to register for future sessions. Pre-booking registration is recommended to secure a spot in this highly sought-after program.

For more information on Mahapatra Hospital, Cuttack's laparoscopy training program, please visit our website for New Session Updates and contact us directly.

The Six doctors who completed the program (7th - 9th April , 2023)  demonstrated exceptional dedication and proficiency in laparoscopic surgery. Their names are:

  1. Dr.Abhijit_Mohapatra
  2. Dr.Balaram_Sahoo
  3. Dr.Bidya_Nag
  4. Dr.Mamata_Soren
  5. Dr.Narayan_Prasad_Mishra
  6. Dr.Sushant_Patel







Training Course on Basic Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy 

A 3 Day Training Course on Basic Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy is scheduled at Mahapatra Hospital for Medical Professionals, Mentoring by Dr Manoranjan Mahapatra and Prop. Susil Kumar Giri Respectively.

The Training gets overwhelming results. Check out here

The training is for Only 6 Candidates, who can experience the Live Surgery including 15 Hours of Lecture.
As a medical student, there are several benefits to learning practice laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that involves making small incisions in the abdomen to allow for the insertion of a camera and other instruments to perform surgical procedures.

3 Day Training Course on Basic Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy is scheduled at Mahapatra Hospital Cuttack

Here are some of the benefits of learning laparoscopy for your medical career:

  1. Reduced patient trauma and recovery time: Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive than traditional open surgery, which can lead to reduced patient trauma, less pain, and faster recovery times. As a result, patients may experience shorter hospital stays and a quicker return to their normal activities.
  2. Increased surgical precision and accuracy: Laparoscopic surgery allows for increased precision and accuracy during surgical procedures. The use of a camera and specialized instruments can provide a better view of the surgical area, allowing for more precise movements and improved outcomes.
  3. Competitive edge in the job market: As laparoscopy becomes increasingly popular in surgical practice, having experience in this technique can give you a competitive edge in the job market. Employers are often looking for candidates with a broad range of surgical skills, including laparoscopy.
  4. Expanded surgical options: Learning laparoscopy can open up new surgical options for patients. Many surgical procedures that were once performed only through open surgery can now be done laparoscopically, allowing for less invasive and less traumatic surgical interventions.
  5. Improved patient outcomes: Studies have shown that laparoscopic surgery can result in improved patient outcomes, including reduced complications and shorter hospital stays. As a medical professional, your primary goal is always to provide the best possible care for your patients, and laparoscopy can help you achieve this goal.
So learning laparoscopy can provide you with a range of benefits in your medical career. From improved patient outcomes to expanded surgical options and increased job opportunities, laparoscopy is a valuable skill for any medical professional to have.

Benefit of learning Hysteroscopy:

Studying hysteroscopy can also provide many benefits to a medical student or doctor. Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical technique that involves inserting a small camera called a hysteroscope through the vagina and cervix to view the inside of the uterus.

Here are the benefits of learning hysteroscopy for your medical career:

  1. Accurate diagnosis of uterine conditions: Hysteroscopy allows for direct visualization of the inside of the uterus, which can help diagnose conditions such as fibroids, polyps, and adhesions. This can lead to more accurate diagnoses and more targeted treatment plans.
  2. Minimally invasive surgical intervention: Hysteroscopy can also be used to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures, such as removing polyps or fibroids from the uterus. This can result in less pain, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recovery times for patients.
  3. Increased patient satisfaction: Patients often prefer minimally invasive procedures over traditional open surgery because they experience less pain, shorter hospital stays, and quicker recoveries. By learning hysteroscopy, you can offer your patients a less invasive option that may improve their overall satisfaction with their medical care.
  4. Competitive edge in the job market: Like laparoscopy, hysteroscopy is becoming an increasingly popular technique in surgical practice. Having experience in hysteroscopy can give you a competitive edge in the job market and make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers.
  5. Improved outcomes and reduced complications: Hysteroscopy has been shown to have a lower risk of complications compared to traditional open surgery. By using this technique, you may be able to improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of postoperative complications.
Learning hysteroscopy can provide you with many benefits in your medical career, including more accurate diagnoses, less invasive surgical interventions, increased patient satisfaction, a competitive edge in the job market, and improved outcomes for your patients.

Hands-on Training Course on Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy at Cuttack, Odisha, India

7 Signs of Pregnancy

The 7 common signs of pregnancy include:

  1. Missed period
  2. Nausea and vomiting
  3. Fatigue and tiredness
  4. Breast changes (tenderness, enlargement, darkening of nipples)
  5. Frequent urination
  6. Mood swings and food cravings
  7. Bloating and constipation.

It's important to note that not all women experience all of these symptoms, and some may not experience any at all. If you suspect you may be pregnant, the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

Early Pregnancy symptoms

Early pregnancy can feel different for every woman, but some common symptoms include:

Nausea and vomiting: This is often referred to as "morning sickness," but can occur at any time of the day.

Tiredness and fatigue: Many women feel very tired during early pregnancy, which can be due to the body producing more blood to support the growing fetus.

Breast changes: Breasts may become sore, swollen, or tender to the touch due to hormone changes.

Mood swings: Hormonal changes can cause emotional fluctuations, such as feelings of sadness, irritability, or anxiety.

Food cravings or aversions: Some women develop strong cravings for certain foods or feel a strong aversion to others.

Bloating and constipation: These can be due to hormonal changes that slow down the digestive process.

It's important to remember that every pregnancy is different and not all women experience the same symptoms. If you're experiencing any unusual symptoms or have concerns about your pregnancy, it's important to consult your doctor.

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What is the Best Time for Pregnancy test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test is typically one to two weeks after a missed period. At this point, there should be enough of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine for the test to detect if you're pregnant.

Pregnancy test and How to Steps

However, some tests are more sensitive than others and can detect pregnancy earlier. If you take the test too early and get a negative result, wait a few days and test again. If you still think you're pregnant after a negative test result, it's important to see a doctor for further evaluation.

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Steps to take a pregnancy test.

Here are the steps to take a pregnancy test:
  1. Purchase a pregnancy test from a pharmacy or online retailer. There are many options available, including urine tests and blood tests.
  2. Read the instructions carefully. Different tests may have different procedures, so make sure you understand how to use the test you have chosen.
  3. Collect a urine sample. Most pregnancy tests are urine-based and require a sample of your first-morning urine, as it is the most concentrated and will have the highest levels of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG).
  4. Administer the test. Depending on the type of test, you may need to dip the test strip into the urine sample or place the test directly on your urine stream.
  5. Wait for the results. The time it takes to get results varies depending on the type of test, but it is usually between 2 and 5 minutes.
  6. Interpret the results. A positive result means you are likely pregnant, while a negative result means you are not pregnant. If the test is negative but you still think you might be pregnant, wait a few days and take another test or see a doctor for further evaluation.
It's important to follow the instructions for the test you have chosen carefully, as incorrect use can lead to false results.

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