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Post Natal Massage Therapy

Some pregnant mums have it easy. Yet others have to go through many hours of labor.

But one thing’s for sure. After the delivery process, many are just plain tired. In addition, having to breastfeed and nurse a newborn several times a night can be exhausting.

The new mum today does not have much time to rest and relax during her confinement period at home. She needs to get back to work pretty quickly and that means, facing added pressure to lose weight so that she can fit back into her office wear.
massage after Child Birth

Post-natal massage may just be the solution to her needs. 

Benefits of Post-natal massage therapy:

  • 1. Relaxation
  • 2. Stress Relief
  • 3. Relieves aches on shoulders or neck
  • 4. Hasten the reduction of fluid retention.
  • 5. Help the uterus shrink to its original size
  • 6. Reduce cellulite and help to tone up the body.
In many parts of Asia, many women before delivery would in fact, pre-book sessions with an Indonesian massage therapist for post-natal massage. The treatment is a traditional one that has been handed down several generations and is even practiced today. This treatment involves the use of a massage oil applied to the stomach and a tummy wrap, essentially a cotton cloth of several meters. The cloth is used to wrap the body so as to push up the uterus, clear water retention, wind, spasm, shrink the tummy, and helps to reduce weight. Post-natal massage is usually done in the privacy of one’s own home.

For a mother that has delivered her baby naturally, it is generally pretty safe to go for a post-natal massage. For those that are delivered by a caesarian, be sure to consult your professional massage therapist or your doctor first. Most, in fact, would recommend that you wait a few more weeks before proceeding with a post-natal massage.

Post-natal massage provides a sense of continuing comfort for the new mother. The aim of this massage is to give nurturing and emotional support as well as alleviate the muscle strain of labor and childbirth. Some post-natal massage therapies also come with a detoxification ritual that rids the midriff of post-birth bagginess.

In some instances, post-natal massage can also bring about a much shapelier silhouette, compared to the one just before pregnancy!


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Ways to Avoid Constipation During Pregnancy

It is Murphy's law that just when you are able to get food into your body without having it come back up, you suddenly find you can not get the food out of your body. Nearly half of all the women who are pregnant suffer from constipation during pregnancy.

Ways to Avoid Constipation During Pregnancy

Why constipation happens during pregnancy:

As with all symptoms of pregnancy, there is a reason for constipation. When you are pregnant your body creates progesterone which in turn relaxes the muscles of the bowels and causes your digestive tracks to work much slower. Your digestive track works slower to make sure your body absorbs the nutrients from your food for your baby. This can create constipation, which if it not kept under control, can lead to hemorrhoids.

Tips that can help avoid constipation throughout your pregnancy.

Use Fiber in your Diet

  •  Make sure you included plenty of fiber in your diet. Fiber absorbs water and can help to soften your stools and speed their passage. 
  •  Eat plenty of high-fiber foods like whole grain cereal and oatmeal. Instead of eating white bread with your sandwiches, eat whole grain bread. Check out healthy food tips.
  •  Add some oat bran to your cereals or yogurt.
  • Fresh fruits are also an excellent way to get your fiber in. Melons and plums have a high amount of fiber in them as well as dried fruits like figs, raisins, apricots and of course the well-known favorite prunes. Prunes and prune juice have a like laxative effect and will help keep things moving properly in your body. Aim to eat at least 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day. 
  •  You can tell you are getting enough fiber if your stools are large and soft and you aren't straining to pass them. Keep in mind though that too much fiber can lead to diarrhea which can lead to dehydration so do not overdo the fiber in your diet.

Fluid Intake 

Also, drinking plenty of fluid will help you combat constipation. Fluids help keep digestive products moving through your system so it is very important for you to drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day. Keeping up with your fluids is important especially if you are increasing your intake of fiber. Your body needs to water to soak up the fiber otherwise it can cause more constipation.

Eating Probiotics

  • Also, make sure you are eating your yogurt if you can. Yogurt has a bacteria called acidophilus that helps stimulate the intestinal bacteria to break down food better.
  • Some of the medicines that women take contain a lot of iron and iron can play a big part in constipation. 
  • Talk to your doctor to see if you can switch for a while to a different prenatal that contains less iron or at least stay off of the prenatal for a while until your constipation is under control.

Keep Away from some Foods

Avoid foods that can lead to constipation. White bread and some cereals such as corn flakes can lead to constipation as well as white rice and bananas. If all this fails, give your doctor a call to see if there is something you can take to help keep you regulated. Most doctors will allow you to take Metamucil to help keep things moving.

Constipation is never pleasant but during pregnancy, it can be even extra uncomfortable. Make sure you take the steps to avoid constipation. It will help make your pregnancy that much more enjoyable.

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Cervicitis is the most common gynecological disorder found among women irrespective of the age factor.

Any woman who has one sexual encounter and has experienced abdominal pain or any unusual vaginal discharge could be affected by it. 

Cervicitis Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cervicitis does not yield to self-diagnosis because its symptoms can lead to confusion about other ailments such as vaginitis. 

If cervicitis is not treated it can lead to problems in conceiving or delivering a healthy baby. 

Cervicitis can be easily diagnosed by your Gynaecologist with a variety of drugs and procedures.

What is Cervicitis?

It is the inflammation of the cervix- the lower part of the uterus that extends about an inch into the vaginal canal. 

Usually, cervicitis results due to infection although it could also be caused by an injury or irritation that could be the result of chemicals in contraceptives or forgotten tampon.

Cervicitis Symptoms

The first symptom of cervicitis could be a vaginal discharge that becomes more pronounced after your menstrual cycle. 

Other symptoms include bleeding, itching, or irritation of any of the external genitals, pain during intercourse, a burning sensation during urination, or lower back pain. 

If it is mild, then you might not notice any symptoms at all. In a serious form, it could cause a profuse, discharge with an unpleasant odor along with intense vaginal itchiness or abdominal pain. If this infection gets into your system then it may cause fever and nausea.

If it lasts for a long time then it could even lead to pregnancy because this abnormal mucus production interferes with the ability of the sperm to enter the cervical canal, but this infection could also spread to the uterus or fallopian tube leading to the ovaries. 

It is important to visit your Gynaecologist when you experience pain or unusual discharge because many times, cervicitis can be confused with signs of other disorders. 

The problem could be an infection of the vulva, uterus, fallopian tubes or urinary tract or could also be a sign of another cervical condition called cervical erosion. 

Cervical Erosion of the cervix is caused when the cervical surface layer is partially or completely missing. 

It is the result of the body’s normal defense system or whenever there is some injury, infection, irritation or when white blood cells are mobilized, the blood circulation within the area increases.

Cervicitis Treatment 

If untreated then it could also lead to risks such as miscarriage, premature delivery, infection of her newborn during delivery also leading to pneumonia or severe eye infection, or even blindness. 

Antibiotics successfully treat cervicitis in most cases. For some  Cervicitis, your Doctor may suggest laser therapy or surgery.

Some Alternative Natural Care like Ayurveda and Chinese herbal medicines are used in many places too for the treatment of Cervicitis. One of the Natural probiotics is Yogurt, which seems to be very popular in Asian Countries as a medicinal food to treat Cervicitis.

The cervix which is of pale pink and smooth becomes red and swollen. Your Gynaecologist may recommend you a biopsy if the cervix seems to be abnormal or colposcopy, another diagnostic technique.

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Mothers Day Special for Child
Mother is the First Teacher, First Doctor, Caretaker, First Cook and has many more Profession. to start with. 

We wish all a Happy Mother's Day  

Being parents is a hard enough job without having good relaxing sleep. It's called sleep deprivation.  

Most parents find that they have to survive on less sleep. 

The glorious day when the baby sleeps right through the night can never come too soon. 

Babies who nap through the day and then cry at night wreak havoc with their parents' sleeping patterns. 

Strategies to try to cope with babies and sleeping habits.

  • If you are able to, it's a good idea to sleep when the baby does. 
  • Unplug the phone, put a do not disturb sign on the door, and snooze along with junior.
  • At nighttime, a warm bath can help to make the baby sleepy, so time bath time just before putting the baby down.
  • Babies and sleeping routines are important, so bedtime needs to be about the same time every night, but don't be a slave to it.

  • Sometimes, the baby wakes up crying for no apparent reason. They are dry, just been fed and you can't think what could be wrong. 
  • At other times, the reason may be that they are teething or have colic. 
  • If you have exhausted all possibilities, they may be satisfied with a hug. 
  • Unfortunately, babies and sleeping don't always go together.
  • Babies need a quiet environment and not be cold or too warm. There are things that may calm them if they are anxious, such as singing Rythemic relaxing music. 
  •  As a last resort in solving the babies sleeping problems, some parents take the baby out to get open air. 
  •  The baby falls asleep and then is carried gingerly to bed.
  •  Some babies will not fall asleep in their cot at any time and parents have to wait for them to nod off wherever they happen to be and then carry them to bed.

Teething and illnesses make the problem worse. 

  • Make sure that you have something from the doctor to rub on to sore gums when those teeth start to push through. 
  • Colic often interrupts babies and sleeping through. There are medicines to give for this too.
  • If you are despairing parents with a wakeful child, just remember that it won't always be like this. 
  • With Time passes it's worth watching your baby Smile & Cry. 

Stay Tuned to the Life in front of you smiling!

Trying to conceive is a difficult process for many people. The reason is that there are many factors involved in conception. You cannot tell if you or your partner is infertile unless you visit a doctor. There are a number of medical tests that your doctor can perform to detect infertility. 

Avoid Infertility by understanding the cause

As Per WHO "Infertility may be caused by a number of different factors, in either the male or female reproductive systems. However, it is sometimes not possible to explain the causes of infertility." (Source:

Doctors Methods to Detect Infertility

There are also methods and products that the doctor can prescribe to help in conceiving a child. 

One procedure a doctor can perform is to test the cervical mucus. Cervical mucus plays an essential role in conception, as it enables the sperm to make it all the way to the egg. 

The sperm are unable to do this if there is little or no cervical mucus present. 

Another factor involving cervical mucus is that it could be too acidic.

It is necessary for the mucus to be alkaline. If it is acidic, it will kill the sperm before they reach the egg.

When a doctor checks the cervical mucus, he/she will look at whether it is clear or curdled. 

If it is curdled, there is little to no chance of conception. If the mucus is clear and somewhat sticky, the chances of conception are good.

Before you start to think about the possibility that you or your partner might be infertile, make sure that you have been having unprotected (natural method) sex over a number of months, or up to a year.

Conception can take a long time, even for couples who have no troubles with infertility. 

Often, a couple may have unprotected sex for 8 or 10 months before conception takes place. 

Once you have given yourselves this waiting period, if conception still has not occurred, visit your doctor for what steps you should take next. 

Try not to worry - focus on the many tests and procedures available to help you and your partner become parents of a beautiful baby.