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It's Rare to find a great Natural way, rather than your much experienced Professional approach, to get astonishing results that Inspire.

It is indeed an achievement by itself that Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra took the path away from Profesional Medicine, which he is a Pioneer and relied on more on 5D approach (physically & physiologically success) that transform him with a Weight loss of 16 kgs in just 5 months. 
Dr. Mahapatra After 5D approach - 16 Kg Weight loss in 5 months

Here is the Testimonial in the words of Dr. Manoranjan Mohapatra, on his Journey to a Discipline 3D Process, that ultimately resulted in a Weight Loss of 16kgs in 5 Months. without any Medicines.

Dr. Manaoranjan Mahapatra Speaks

What I realized in the process of transformation both physically & physiologically the 5D approach is the key to success.

5 months back I was surprised to find myself with a very much altered physiological state having Diabetes, dyslipidemia, deranged liver function state. I was earlier 96 kg which was quite high to my recommended ideal weight.

I was very depressed to find my physiological state in so miserable state. I consulted the dietician who has a very good reputation with many success stories of transformation - Mrs. Poonam Sharma, Dietician of Cuttack.

She assured me that all the physiological & physical transformation possible through 5D approach .viz

1-Discipline diet.
2-Daily workout
4-Dietary supplements.

Diet plays the cornerstone of physiological reversal & weight loss journey. Though I am a doctor with long 22 yrs of experience, knowledge regarding weight management & diet management was in complete contrast to the advice I received.

The common belief, that dieting with a different type of fasting is essential for weight loss is a big myth. I enjoyed a good amount of healthy & tasty diet in each serving.

Throughout my journey, there was no hunger factor & binge eating.

She was in touch with me throughout, encouraging & supporting daily ups & down of weight fall.

Following her suggestion, I joined a Gymnasium which has ultra-modern gadgets. I discover myself in different Psychological attitudes after a combination of diet and daily workout.

Miracle started happening after 1 month when I found all my blood parameters started returning to normal & my weight started reducing in a steady pattern.

After 4 months all blood parameters maintained normalcy without any medication. Now with a combined 5D approach & professional guidance by Poonam madam, I became ‘FAT to FIT’ with reversal of diabetes.

Heartiest thanks to my dietician Poonam Sharma, my gymnasium trainers for supporting me in this transformation. I will suggest all aspirants have strong determination for such a successful journey.

Thank you very much.

One of the video below on the Initial stages before Weight management by Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra is worth watching. Please check out the most honest and true experience that He had gone through.
Becoming a new mother is certainly one way to incorporate more exercise into your life!
Mother with Baby Smiling and on arms
From lifting to bending to picking up items, to carrying – seems like you never have a chance to sit still now that your precious bundle has arrived!

However, you may be feeling the need to exercise to get back into shape after your pregnancy.

There’s no need to join an expensive club, though.

Start by exercising with your little one!

One of my favorite exercises, when my niece was born, was dancing with her.

We played some Lata Mangeskar melodious songs and enjoyed..

Consequently, I became fitter, and Suhani has learned to appreciate all kinds of music.

Simply lifting your baby up in the Closed arms and saying the words, "Wao you are so Great ” give your arms a mini workout and help your baby learn! That’s right!

Talking and moving help increase the baby’s IQ!
So sing to your baby, tell him or her that you’re moving “left”, “right”, “over”, “under”, “around”, etc while moving your arms with the little one resting and seeing you.

As your baby grows, he’ll mimic your movements.

This is a fun time to incorporate some silly movement games into your “exercise” session.

Watching her trying to do exactly what you do brings tears of joy and much laughter!

As you can see, exercising with a baby is not only possible but loads of fun as well.

It’s a time to bond, teach, and take care of yourself and your little one. One day soon you’ll be telling your school-age child about all the fun you both had exercising together when he was a baby.

And yes, it will happen quicker than you ever dreamed!

In this article, you will be presented with the free snoring treatments

If you are overweight or have been diagnosed with obesity, a diet and exercise program will help to prevent snoring and other medical illnesses. Weight loss is one of the healthiest free snoring treatments, which is beneficial in more ways than one.

If you have allergies, consider the possibility that you may be breathing airborne allergens that may be a cause of snoring. Why? Breathing results when airways are restricted, which is very common among allergy sufferers.

Free snoring treatments range from remedies that you can try at home to experimental sleep studies.

One of the best free snoring treatments that you can undergo is simply a change in your sleeping position. Rather than sleeping on your back, which is believed to be a leading cause of snoring, try sleeping on your side instead.

 This is not only one of the best free snoring treatments, but also one of the quickest result producers. In fact, it may work on the first night. In addition, try sleeping on two pillows instead of one. The additional height may help to keep your air passages open, which is necessary if you want to eliminate snoring.

Weight loss is among the most healthy and free snoring treatments. Obesity is one of the leading causes of snoring and, as such, has an active role in its cure.

One of the best free snoring treatments available is simply the act of ridding your home of cigarette smoke, dust, and pet hair. The regular use of air filtration units in every room will help to eliminate many unseen allergens.

If you have attempted home snoring remedies without success, consider a sleep study. This is an experimental study, which is often conducted by medical students and researchers, which is one of the best ways to receive free snoring treatments.

Sleep studies, when ordered by a physician, can be expensive. But, if you are fortunate enough to learn of free snoring treatments or sleep studies in your area, sign up and receive an evaluation at no cost.

This article is intended for informational purposes only. It should not be used as, or in place of, professional medical advice. Before beginning any treatment for snoring, please consult a doctor for a proper diagnosis and remedy.
One 6-letter word that smacks fear into the hearts and minds of many people in this day and age is the word ‘Cancer. I would venture to say that this fear is most likely the result of a lack of knowledge of the disease. If you fall into that category, then hopefully the information that you receive here will put you at ease, as well as inspire you to find out more from the vast storehouse of information that is available.

What is cancer?

Briefly, it is brought about when cells in our body do not mature.

A normal healthy cell has a specific function to perform in the body. These immature cells are not performing their proper function, and so remain undeveloped.

They then begin feeding on the body, stealing nutrition in an attempt to grow, and thus become cancerous.

How quickly they grow out of control, causing the spread of cancer, is dependant on the strength of an individual's natural defenses against these cells.
Google Search Volume Colon Cancer Worldwide
Every day, every one of us is exposed to innumerable cancer-causing agents. It has been established that approximately 70 to 80 percent of all cancers occur as a result of the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink, as well as lifestyle and environmental factors. Approximately one-third of deaths from cancer are related to dietary factors. Our bodies have natural defense mechanisms to battle these ‘agents’, but in many cases, because of neglecting proper nutrition and exercise, and abusing our bodies by loading them with even more harmful agents, then these defenses are weakened or overwhelmed, and cancer begins to gain a foothold in the body.

What is Colon cancer?

Colon cancer, or colorectal cancer as it's sometimes known as is cancer that starts in the digestive, or gastrointestinal (GI) system. A colon's primary responsibility is to process food into energy and remove all waste materials.

As with any cancer, the disease begins when cancerous cells begin to grow out of control compared to normal, non-cancer cells. Every cancer is different depending on where it occurs, so colon cancer will generally progress at a different rate, cause different symptoms, and respond to different medical treatments.

Although there are some specific treatment methods for the different body areas affected, there are some basic principles, which are common to all cancer forms. 

Perhaps you’re reading this article because maybe you know someone who is suffering from it. Maybe you’re just looking for information to help avoid it in the future. Whatever be the case maybe. but you can be sure that – Cancer Can Be Conquered! with the rapid advances that have been made with modern medicine, as well as the rediscovery of ancient natural therapies that are built upon good nutrition and sound principles of daily living,

It can be stated with confidence. I’ll say it again – Cancer Can Be Conquered.

The first victory over colon cancer is it must be made on the battlefield of the mind. It is here that fear seeks to control and overwhelm you. I would encourage you to make a firm decision to stand up against this giant of fear and to reach beyond it to find hope and faith. There is a statement that is made that says, ‘You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.’ So, the first step to being set free from the enemy of fear is to find out the truth concerning cancer. The lie has for too long been that cancer is the end of the road – incurable.

The truth is just the opposite. Realize that and set yourself free from the numbing fear of cancer that wants to defeat you. Say that you are more than enough to fight against it. Make a firm decision that you are going to defeat with you will power.

Most of the time, colon cancer spreads slowly over a period of years, and colon cancer can affect any section or layer of your colon. The key to having a good prognosis with colon cancer is to catch the disease early. If a doctor can find and remove a colon cancer polyp in the early stages, then there is a much better chance of recovery. Risk factors of colon cancer include age, family history, smoking, ethnicity, diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, and history of other bowel diseases. If you are in an at-risk category, then it is important to get a colon cancer screening test. If you are unsure with you fit the profile, talk to ask primary physician first.

Our supplementary diets have a positive effect. They are natural and have no side effects. We should also be positive in that certain foods greatly strengthen and aid our built-in immune system in the ongoing battle against our healthy body cells. We should be negative in that there are certain foodstuffs that have been shown to be harmful and to greatly speed up the growth and spread of cancer cells. It thus becomes imperative that we learn what foodstuffs are immune boosters, and which ones weaken them.

Besides our diet, the next major contributing factor to consider is the environment we are living in. More and more vehicles are being produced, and more and more factories are built, pumping out toxic gases into the atmosphere, causing a subtle build-up of toxins in our

bodies, wearing down the ability of the immune system to cope. Unfortunately, we have very little control over these environmental effects, other than to relocate to a safer

environment, which is not always possible. This then makes it even more vital for us to build up our immune systems with the right foods, and supplementary minerals and vitamins.

One last consideration to take note of is that any cancer is more easily defeated if caught in its early stages. Therefore it is very important to have regular medical check-ups, even if we are feeling fine. Then too, learn what are the telltale symptoms for the various cancers, and at the first evidence of anything suspicious, get it checked out by your doctor.
Colon Cancer treatment - Self

Colon cancer has become the 3rd most common form of cancer in men and 4th in women and is the second leading cause of death among cancers. If it is left untreated, it can spread and affect other parts of the body, such as the liver and lungs, causing new tumors to form in these organs. This process of cancer spreading is called metastasis. Once metastasis sets in, the chances of curing the cancer completely are slim.

Therefore early detection is key to making a full recovery. The removal of benign (non-cancerous) colon polyps can prevent colon cancer. Colon polyps initially appear in benign form. Over time, benign colon polyps can undergo chromosome damage to become cancerous. There is no definitive cause for colon cancer, but diets high in fat are believed to play a role in the formation. Other factors include a family history of colon cancer, polyps in the large intestine, and ulcerative colitis. A history of breast cancer may also slightly increase the risk of colon cancer.

Colon cancer, in most cases, has no symptoms. Symptoms for the potential of colon cancer, however, may include; diarrhea, less frequent bowel movements, blood in stool,abdominal pain, unexplained weight loss, anemia. Screening tests are the most effective way of catching colon cancer early, allowing for improved chances of successful treatment.

Men and women over the age of 50 and those with identified risk factors are urged to undergo regular screening to prevent and to allow early diagnosis of colon cancer. See the doctor to identify potential risk factors and to develop a strategy for early screening.

If detected early, colon cancer can be properly treated. This makes it vitally important for any who experience symptoms to see a physician as soon as possible. If left untreated, the chances of surviving colon cancer diminish greatly.

By keeping a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits, you can prevent developing cancer of the colon even before this becomes a problem. You might also want to try and check your family history for cases of colon cancer and adopt a healthier diet in order to make sure you will avoid this problem in the future.

Colon cancer treatments are varied and you can choose from a series of traditional and alternative methods of dealing with this condition. Here at our center, we provide you with natural dietary supplements which have no side effects and are cured with confidence.

There are many cases of colon cancer today, with significantly more people being diagnosed with this potentially deadly disease below age 50 than previously. Colon cancer used to be considered a disease of the elderly, but nowadays many younger people are diagnosed with this kind of disease. This is more because of unhealthy lifestyles such as eating habits, lack of exercise, and many other factors. People tend to consume junk food and any other foods that are over-processed and contain high fat and sugar. This allows the chemically-laced food to sit in the colon for a longer time and leads to cancer disease.

5 great  ways to keep your colon healthy:

1. A balanced diet will supply your body with sufficient nutrition: balance in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. It will be better to get all these nutritions naturally by consuming healthy foods such as fresh vegetables and beans, fish, fruits, seafood, and milk. Taking daily supplements also will help.

2. Reduce intake of over-processed foods, especially fried foods because these foods contain high fat that is dangerous to health. You can also choose organic foods that are higher in nutrition. Avoid sausage, hot dogs, ham, and many of which contain salt, sodium nitrites, and sodium nitrates, which play a big role in leading to colon cancer.

3. Doing exercise at least 3 times a week is adequate to maintain your stamina and health. If you have any disease, it would be wise to consult with your doctor about what exercise suits your current condition.

4. Adequate water is essential to your body and will help to clean your system by gently washing out offensive bacteria and germs that can harbor in the colon and lead to illness or problems.

5. Colon cleansing method has been so popular as an option to keep your colon healthy. Consult with your doctor if you wish to take this method.

Visit your doctor and have an annual medical check-up to prevent diseases.

As the Winter Season Starts, from October to Mid February every year in India. Most of the Population in India, Both Men, Women, Kids have Dry, itchy, and cracked skin
Skin Care in Winters India - Tips on Dry Skin

During this winter's People often use to get hot Shower, keep their homes heated up with indoor heating, to cope with the temperature drop and humidity changes. But while it looks good for the Winters, the hot water bath or Shower removes important oils and moisture from the skin causing dryness, flakiness, and cracking of the skin.

It means when you get a hot water bath, it breaks body oil that is easily washable.

You could avoid it, by using a normal temperature water bath or adding oils like almond, sesame, or other bath oils to your water.

So here are some of the Do's and Donts list that will keep your Skin better in Winters

  1. You can add milk to your bathwater. It restores the oils leaving it soft and supple.- Cleanse & Exfoliate -
  2. Before you begin your bath, exfoliate your skin with a loofah. Avoid strong base ingredients and anti-bacterial products; opt for gentle moisturizing revitalizing products.
  3. Drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water every day. By keeping your skin well hydrated, your skin will not suffer from dryness, rashes, and itchiness.
  4. Avoid excessive usage of caffeine beverages that strips moisture from the skin.
  5. Moisturize properly and your skin will remain soft and supple all through winter.
  6. Use a moisturizer that has the necessary vitamins and hydration properties for your skin.
  7. One should apply moisturizer within a minute or so of having a shower or bath. Damp skin traps the water in the upper layers and decreases dryness and itching.
  8. Keep petroleum jelly-like Vasolin nearby. Dab some of it on problem areas to seal the moisture and heal the dry skin. You can rub it on all the dry areas of the body. It is a very soothing backup substitute.
  9. If possible, try taking a multivitamin pill that has a good dose of vitamins B, C & E. It will help your skin as well as ward off the common cold.
  10. Avoid overdose multivitamin pills for adverse effects.
  11. Use sunscreen in winter as you would in summer. Ideal sunscreen is one that is light, oil-free, and has SPF 15
Dry Skin Care in India during Winters
Apply Oil, Moisturizer, or Vasolin to the Dry Skincare

Barley (known as Yava in both Vedic and Classical Sanskrit) is the only crop that has been mentioned many times in Rigveda and other Indian scriptures as one of the principal grains in ancient India.

Barley is called "Jo" in Hindi.

 Traces of Barley cultivation have also been found in post-Neolithic Bronze Age Harappan civilization 5700–3300 years before present
Barley as Super food

Barley in Hindi is called Jo
Tibetan barley has been a staple food in Tibetan cuisine since the fifth century CE. This grain, along with a cool climate that permitted storage, produced a civilization that was able to raise great armies. It is made into a flour product called tsampa that is still a staple in Tibet. The flour is roasted and mixed with butter and butter tea to form a stiff dough that is eaten in small balls. (

Cause of Aging in Western World

Most people would be surprised to find out that the number-one cause of premature aging and disease in the Western world is the over-consumption of food. This is true not only because too much food can make us fat, but also because everything we eat must be processed by our bodies, which requires an expenditure of energy. Because the body has to be continually processing calories, we suffer much wear and tear. Within each cell of the human body, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthful fats, and other important nutrients are the important parts that create energy and repair the wear and tear that our body is continually fighting. 

The modern diet is extremely abundant calories, but yet extremely light on these healing, renewing substances. A diet that is calorie-dense yet nutrient-poor has a serious effect on the state of our health, causing us to be overfed and malnourished.

Why is Barley considered as most energy-efficient food?

Barley in the most energy-efficient food available in nature, having major implications for those who are concerned with maximizing longevity, avoiding disease, increasing athletic performance, and fighting obesity. Barley is much more than a supplement found at your local health food store, it is a complete food that has been converted into a superfood through an all-natural process, making it so powerful and functional that it can be used to nourish those who are struck by famine. Actually, the United Nations uses it as a relief food for those in famine-stricken countries because of its ability to support human life better than any other single food.
Nutritional Value of Barley

In ancient Rome, sprouted barley gruel was used as a food for gladiators and also as a staple for the Roman army. Sprouting is known as a way to transform grains or beans into a more nutrient-dense food that is easier to digest. The unique activating procedure, where the grain isn’t sprouted but pre-sprouted instead, uses a low-temperature process that was first used as a replacement for mother’s milk, as a formula for infants who were unable to nurse. The process that is used to activate barley preserves enzyme activity, vitamins, and minerals, bringing it just to the point where it’s ready to sprout then putting it into a state of suspended animation, where it is then transformed into a powder that mixes easily into any drink or recipe.

Barley transforms into a gel in the GI tract, slowing its passage through the body, which in turn allows maximum nutrient absorption. It also stabilizes glucose levels and is great for use by diabetics. Its composition is unique among others, being extremely energy-dense, providing four hundred percent more energy than barley that hasn’t been pre-sprouted. Barley is often used to improve athletic endurance, help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, control hunger, boost the immune system, and detoxify the blood. It has a very low glycemic index, allowing it to be used in low-carbohydrate diets. This superfood is rich in soluble fiber and beta-glucans, which explains its healthy effects on cholesterol, blood sugar balance, and the immune system. The pre-sprouting process is used also to increase the grain’s content of beta-glucan a substance known to boost the immune system. Have you had your barley today?
Occasional snoring may be normal to children. Recent studies show that 3 to 12 percent of children between the age of 1 and 9 snore. But frequency doesn’t mean normality. Habitual snoring can be a cause of a more serious medical condition called obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) or simply, sleep apnea.

What does sleep apnea sound like in a child?

Sleep apnea is a condition characterized by loud snoring with periods of breathing interruptions. Interruptions may be short or prolonged, usually between 5 to 30 seconds. During this period, the children could not get straight sleep. He rouses and moves to another sleeping position, then resumes sleep. After a while, he will once again begin snoring. This activity often happens several times during the night, each night. Although this condition rarely appears on children, it is very important that parents should watch out for symptoms that come along with it.

What are the warning signs of sleep apnea?

Symptoms of sleep apnea include

• Poor speech habits - talking that sounds like words over a mouthful of hot potato.
• Reduced growth rate. Children suffering from sleep apnea use more energy in breathing during the night. During meals, they tend to eat slowly since it is hard for them to breathe and chew at the same time. The result is, they have insufficient nutrients to support their growth.
• Hyperactivity. Lack of sleep can cause drowsiness on children during the day. To stay awake, children act frantically.
• Poor performance in school. Since children do not get the right sleep during the night, they tend to appear tired and lack the concentration to focus at school, thus, having a poor performance.

Should I be worried if my child snores?

When these symptoms are visible, it is imperative for parents to bring their child to a pediatrician and have him examined. A child can be happy and smiling when he is brought to the doctor and therefore, it is difficult to diagnose if he really has sleep apnea. Parents are advised to record their child's snoring so that the doctor can analyze the situation in actuality.

Meanwhile, sleep apnea is not the sole reason why children snore. Other reasons include allergy attack, obesity, asthma, and enlargement of adenoids and/or tonsils caused by cold or tonsillitis.

Some allergy attacks can cause swelling on the linings of the nose that can direct to the enlargement of adenoids. This keeps the child from breathing normally. This causes the child to snore. After the allergy attack, the snoring stops.

Obesity can also lead to snoring. In fact, 20% and 40% of obese children snore. This is because fats can form around the throat that can cause constriction and makes limited airways. Also, fats in the stomach can cause the diaphragm to function irregularly

Asthma is said to be another cause why children snore. A study revealed that 40% of the children diagnosed with asthma snore.

Enlargement of adenoids and/or tonsils caused by cold or tonsillitis also results to snoring. While cold or tonsillitis can be cured by decongestant and antibiotics, adenoid enlargement is treated by surgical procedure to remove adenoids and tonsils.

Underdevelopment of the jaw inside the womb can cause snoring as well. There is also the possibility that the nerves and the muscles cannot control the airway properly and cause that child to snore.

Are you lonely?

Did you know that being lonely is a normal part of our everyday lives?

Let's face it, we've all been there.

We get depressed when we fail in our exams, when we're rejected by the person we love, or when someone very close to us passes away.

That's just part of life.

But, depression, however, can be more fatal than just plain loneliness. It could render Life-Long consequences that could ruin your Self-Esteem, Health, and Well-Being in the process.

Well, today is your lucky day because I'm going to share with you some great tips to help you conquer the 'Melancholy Mood' so you can get the MOST bliss out of your daily activities.
Avoid Depression with tips

Let's Learn the 5 best and easiest Tips, that could enable you to deal very easily with Depression

Tip #1. Do you get enough Light and Sunshine?

Did you know that lack of exposure to sunlight is responsible for the secretion of the hormone called Melatonin, which could trigger a dispirited mood and/or a lethargic condition?

Melatonin is only produced in the dark. What it does is it lowers the body temperature and makes you feel sluggish.

So, if you are always cooped up in your room (with the curtains closed), it would be difficult to restrain yourself from staying in bed.

This is the reason why many people suffer from depression much more often in winter than in the other seasons.

It's simply because the nights are longer.

If you can't afford to get some sunshine, you can always lighten up your room with brighter lights to help offset the darkness.


You could go have lunch outside the office for a change and take frequent walks in the early afternoon instead of driving your car over short distances.

The choices are endless. It's really up to you.

Tip #2. Keep Busy and Get Inspired.

You'll be more likely to overcome any feeling of depression if you keep your mind busy doing the activities you like doing the most.

Do the things you love. If you're a little short on cash, you could engage in simple stuff like taking a leisurely stroll in the park, playing sports, reading books, or engaging in any activity that you have passion for and would love to pursue.

Also, set a Goal.

No matter how difficult or discouraging life can be, remain firm and have an unshakable belief that you are capable of doing anything you desire.

With this kind of positive attitude, you will attain a cheerful disposition to beat the blues.

Tip #3. Take a Break. Sit back and relax.

I mean it.

Listen to some soothing music you like. Soak in a nice warm bath. Simply take a break from your stressful workload and spend the day just goofing around doing the things you love.

In other words, go have fun. Life's too short as it is.

Tip #4. Maintain a healthy diet and Stay Fit.

Avoid foods with lots of Sugar, Caffeine or Alcohol.

Sugar and caffeine may give you a brief moment of energy; but they will later bring about Anxiety, Tension and Internal problems.

Alcohol on the other hand is a depressant. Many people would drink alcohol to simply "forget their problems."

All they're doing is aggravating their conditions in the process.

Also, did you know that exercising regularly is a vital depression buster?

Why you ask?

Simply because it allows your body to produce more Endorphins than usual.

Endorphins are sometimes called "the happy chemicals" because of their Stress-Reducing and Happiness-Inducing properties.

Tip #5. Get a Social Life outside of work.

No man is an island. Your inner circle of friends is there to give you moral support.

Spending time and engaging in worthwhile activities with them could give you a very satisfying feeling.

And we all know... nothing feels better than having group support.

And... never underestimate the power of Touch.

What I mean is... doesn't it feel so good when someone pats you on the back and gives you words of encouragement during your most challenging times?

Hug or embrace someone today.

Get intimate.

Establish close ties with your family and friends.

The love and care expressed by others could tremendously boost your immune system and fend off illnesses.

Best of all, you'll live a more secure and happy life.

Now go give those 5 Tips a try and see how they pan out for you.