Healthy Twins born after NICU and Proper Treatment

They come to Mahapatra Hospital in a Emergency Situation , when the Water Leakage Problem gets severe.

With the proper emergency Birth Management system , guided by Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra and the Staff at Mahapatra Hospital Cuttack, the Couple got twins Baby Girl and baby Boy.

Due the Infants below minimum weight they are admitted to the in-house NICU (neo-natal ICU). the Girl Child get back to normal in 3 days while the Boy come out Healthy of the NICU after 6 days.

Both the Parents are happy with Twins and We wish them a Prosperous Healthy life together.

Wish you both and the Twins a Healthy Life 

What is Water Leakage During Pregnancy ?

First do remember that there are many names to the Water Leakage Problem during Pregnancy .

It may be called by Some as " leaking amniotic fluid symptoms in early Pregnancy" or as watery discharge during pregnancy or watery discharge before labor.

In a normal communication people refer to as Water Leakage in Pregnancy.

So During the course of pregnancy, a thin milky-white discharge called leukorrhea.This is more like the discharge you might have between periods, but heavier than it.

The Situation of Water leakage can be managed well by Expert Gynecologist, by implementing there best knowledge and situation of Patient.