Why You Should not Drink Water While Eating ?

Since Ancient times People in Indian Sub-continent are very much aware of the Fact that One Should not Drink Water while Standing , as well as One Should not drink water while eating . 

For the Benefit of many People , Patients who Visit Mahapatra Hospital , in Cuttack, Dr. Manoranjan Mohapatra had made a Odia Language Video Explanation , for them . (Please check the Video Below)

This Video Explains the Fact that By Drinking Water , while Eating the Digestion Process get irregular and may lead to further Problems. 

Dr. Manoranjan Mohapatra , Explain's that with Water entering your Stomach during Eating Process, the Digestive Acids and Enzymes , which are meant to Digest the Food are get Diluted, And the Digestion Process get effected causing future Problems.

He Suggest , that One Should drink water after 30 minutes, of having there food.