NABH Accrediated Hospital Cuttack

Congratulations to Team Mahapatra for being accredited by NABH, which means, Trusted with Best Patient Safety and Quality of Care. 

NABH Accredited Gynecology Hospital Cuttack

This all happen due to the Dedication and continuous improvement in the Patient Care Services by Doctors, Nurses, Staff of Mahapatra Hospital.

What the NABH Accreditation Means 

NABH ensures high quality of care and patient safety, the objective of this certification process is to build a quality culture at all level and across all the function of the healthcare organization's

Outline of NABH Entry Level Certification Standards

NABH Accredited Hospital Odisha
Patient Centered Standards

  • a) Access, Assessment and Continuity of Care (AAC)
  • b) Care Of Patient (COP)
  • c) Management of Medication(MOM)
  • d) Patient Right and Education(PRE)
  • d) Hospital Infection Control(HIC)

Organization Centered Standards

  • a) Continuous Quality Improvement(CQI)
  • b) Responsibilities of Management(ROM)
  • c) Facility Management and Safety(FMS)
  • d) Human Resource Management(HRM)
  • e) Information Management System (IMS)

Benefits of Certification

  • a) Improved level of community confidence and trust
  • b) Quality And Patient Safety Into Focus
  • c) Roadmap for standardization
  • d) Patient centered culture
  • e) Systems oriented approach
  • f) Improved patient satisfaction levels
  • g) Improved healthcare outcomes
  • h) External recognition
  • i) Empanelment by insurance agencies