Dr, Manoranjan Mahapatra - Felicitation by Prameya as Cancer warrior

When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven't. —Thomas Edison.

Keep searching for what you're looking for. You will find it.

Felicitation by Prameya as Cancer warrior to Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra, Cuttack

Dear friends and fellow warriors,

I am deeply honoured and humbled to receive the Cancer Warrior Award from Prameya News.

This recognition fuels my dedication to the relentless pursuit of a brighter, cancer-free future. Thomas Edison once said, "When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You haven't." This quote resonates with the spirit of our shared journey in the fight against cancer.

In the realm of oncology, where challenges abound, my passion lies in pushing the boundaries of medical knowledge to provide the best care for my patients. This award is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the collective effort of everyone involved in the battle against cancer.

As a Cancer Warrior, I am committed to keeping the flame of hope alive. The search for effective treatments and innovative approaches will continue, driven by the unwavering belief that every possibility must be explored. Together, let us press on, determined to find answers and make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

Thank you, Pema, for this honour. It inspires me to redouble my efforts in the fight against cancer, and I am grateful to stand alongside fellow warriors on this challenging yet hopeful journey.

With gratitude and determination, Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra