Cashless Hysterectomy Surgery by Laparoscopic Method

Patient from Nilachal Ispat Nigam Limited, Jajpur had been diagnosed with Myoma Uterus with Abnormal uterine bleeding.  After Consultation with Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra , the Modern Laparoscopic Minimally invasive technique is selected for the Operation.

As At Mahapatra Hospital , the Cashless Facilities are Available , they prefer it and the Hysterectomy Surgery done successfully.

The Operation Type  is a Non descent Vaginal Hysterectomy with vessel sealer - a bloodless surgery with no scar .

Hysterectomy is an operation designed to take out the uterus due to disease condition like tumour (myoma),cancer,adenomyosis ,polyp.some time due to physiological disturbance.

operation is traditionally done by cutting the abdomen but due to latest gadgets & techniques it is now use to be done by Laparoscopic method & by vessel sealer. In our series of cases with latest minimally invasive technique patient enjoy  her normal activities from Day2 of surgery & happily discharged without a scar or button hole scar.

The satisfaction of been recovered with in 2 days and starting a normal activities are the keyfactors that make the Patient Happy .