Why One Should not Talk While Eating ?

In India , mostly in Hindu culture , it  is a very common practice not to talk while Eating , . 

And there is an incredible explanation on Why One Should not Talk While Eating ? 

Let Go through the References of both the Ancient Hindu Thoughts (listed below)  as well as Scientific Explanations as it has been Presented here in the Below Video by Dr. Manoranjan Mohapatra. in ODIA / ORIYA Language .

Lets see What the Ancient Hindu Cultural Thoughts are on Avoiding Talk While Eating 

Maharshi Veda Vyasa cautions in one of the Smiritis (Reference : Essence of Dharma Sastra)

He arranged the Vedas for the good of mankind and wrote the Brahma Sutras for the quick and easy understanding of the Shrutis; he also wrote the Mahabharata to enable common people to understand the highest knowledge in the easiest way. Vyasa wrote the 18 Puranas and established the system of teaching them through ‘Upakhyanas’ or discourses*

"Snaasyato Varunasshobhaam juhvatognih shriyam haret, Bhojane mrityumaapnoti tasmaanmounam trishu smritam"
Which means 
Conversation while bathing is disliked Varuna Deva and in the course of Homa prakriya the God of Agni detests it just as while taking food Mrityu Deva(Or Yama) is annoyed; hence during these three acts of snaana-homa-bhojana, silence needs to be observed strictly.)

The Above Shloka represents and Explains it in a highly scientific understanding of the Ancient Vedic ages. 

So its says 

" If you talk while eating your throat is trying to do two things at the same time, swallowing food inwards while eating and sending sound/air outwards in the opposite direction while talking. Since you are trying to do two things which requires the throat to function in opposite direction, you are increasing the likelihood of choking which may even lead to death". 

Thousand's Years later , Now,  the Science is Also Making the Same with visual Explanation, as is been presented by Sr. Manoranjan Mohapatra here

The Scientific Explanation on Why not to Talk While Eating 

Scientifically it is the Epiglottis that is the focus of this reasoning 

Lets Understand What exactly is Epiglottis and Why its so important ?

Well The epiglottis is a leaf-shaped flap in the throat that prevents food from entering the windpipe and the lungs. 

Epiglottis is the valve which opens and closes for respiration which is present at the junction at the food and wind pipe.

The epiglottis stands open during breathing, allowing air into the larynx to the Lungs

During swallowing, the epiglottis closes to prevent aspiration of food into the Wind Pipe, force the food to go along the esophagus toward the stomach instead. 

Hence When we eat food it closes but when we talk While eating the epiglottis would remain open and the food may enter windpipe which may trigger violent coughing to clear the food material out of trachea or may get serious by Chocking and may be fatal.

That is why it is not advised to talk while eating.


In America The National Safety Council (NSC) is leading nonprofit safety advocate. The NSC focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths.

And their Statistics Shows the fact that fact food choking is the fourth largest cause of unintentional deaths in the world today.