Weight Loss 16kgs in 5 months - a Natural Way By Dr. M. Mahapatra

It's Rare to find a great Natural way, rather than your much experienced Professional approach, to get astonishing results that Inspire.

It is indeed an achievement by itself that Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra took the path away from Profesional Medicine, which he is a Pioneer and relied on more on 5D approach (physically & physiologically success) that transform him with a Weight loss of 16 kgs in just 5 months. 
Dr. Mahapatra After 5D approach - 16 Kg Weight loss in 5 months

Here is the Testimonial in the words of Dr. Manoranjan Mohapatra, on his Journey to a Discipline 3D Process, that ultimately resulted in a Weight Loss of 16kgs in 5 Months. without any Medicines.

Dr. Manaoranjan Mahapatra Speaks

What I realized in the process of transformation both physically & physiologically the 5D approach is the key to success.

5 months back I was surprised to find myself with a very much altered physiological state having Diabetes, dyslipidemia, deranged liver function state. I was earlier 96 kg which was quite high to my recommended ideal weight.

I was very depressed to find my physiological state in so miserable state. I consulted the dietician who has a very good reputation with many success stories of transformation - Mrs. Poonam Sharma, Dietician of Cuttack.

She assured me that all the physiological & physical transformation possible through 5D approach .viz

1-Discipline diet.
2-Daily workout
4-Dietary supplements.

Diet plays the cornerstone of physiological reversal & weight loss journey. Though I am a doctor with long 22 yrs of experience, knowledge regarding weight management & diet management was in complete contrast to the advice I received.

The common belief, that dieting with a different type of fasting is essential for weight loss is a big myth. I enjoyed a good amount of healthy & tasty diet in each serving.

Throughout my journey, there was no hunger factor & binge eating.

She was in touch with me throughout, encouraging & supporting daily ups & down of weight fall.

Following her suggestion, I joined a Gymnasium which has ultra-modern gadgets. I discover myself in different Psychological attitudes after a combination of diet and daily workout.

Miracle started happening after 1 month when I found all my blood parameters started returning to normal & my weight started reducing in a steady pattern.

After 4 months all blood parameters maintained normalcy without any medication. Now with a combined 5D approach & professional guidance by Poonam madam, I became ‘FAT to FIT’ with reversal of diabetes.

Heartiest thanks to my dietician Poonam Sharma, my gymnasium trainers for supporting me in this transformation. I will suggest all aspirants have strong determination for such a successful journey.

Thank you very much.

One of the video below on the Initial stages before Weight management by Dr. Manoranjan Mahapatra is worth watching. Please check out the most honest and true experience that He had gone through.