Early Menopause Symptoms and Management

What is Menopause ?

Menopause refers to the physiological stopping of menstrual cycles that is associated with advancing age in species that experience such cycles. More specifically menopause occurs as the ovaries of the species stop producing estrogen, which in turn causes the entire reproductive system to slowly come to a halt.

What is Early menopause ? and What are the Symptoms ?

What is Early menopause ? and What are the Symptoms ?

When a woman experiences menopause before the age of 40 it is termed perimenopause or early menopause. 

  1. Early menopause symptoms are the same as those of normal menopause.
  2. Early menopause symptoms manifest themselves in the form of 
  3. brittle bones, 
  4. mood changes, 
  5. heart disease and other problems.

Early menopause symptoms are seen more in women who smoke regularly and those who have never conceived. 

Women who are experiencing Early Menopause are more prone to heart attacks and an increased cholesterol level. 

Since menopause has occurred earlier than usual, such women must consult their doctor to learn about ways to fight the early menopause symptoms.

What are the causes of Early menopause ? and How to Manage it ?

Early menopause symptoms result from decrease in production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. This causes less absorption of calcium and results in fractures. 

One should therefore take calcium supplements in the diet, in the form of leafy vegetables and soy products.

Hot flushes and nighttime sweating are one of the most common early menopause symptoms. These are caused due to constraint of blood vessels. 

Hot flushes disturb one’s sleep and can cause insomnia. One becomes restless and a lack of rest can leave a person feeling irritable.

Other early menopause symptoms include dry skin and a persistent burning sensation on the body. Applying a lot of moisturizer all over the body can treat this. One gets migraine attacks from time to time and the joints become stiff.

Reduction in hormone production causes a loss of elasticity in body tissues. Due to this women experience early menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness, painful intercourse and a general lack of interest in sexual matters. 

Women may get an urge to urinate more frequently due to some loss of bladder control.

In general, the premature onset of menopause is a tough time for any woman with increase in occurrence of early menopause symptoms like fatigue, low self–confidence and a general feeling of rejection.

How to Manage Early Menopause 

However, information about the early menopause symptoms ensures that one can handle menopause better. 

One must adopt healthy habits in the mid-thirties itself. This includes no smoking, a moderate intake of alcohol and a nutritious diet of green vegetables and lean meats. 

It is a good idea to reduce the intake of tea and coffee to a minimum since this hampers absorption of calcium. 

One can substitute the body’s hormones by natural plant estrogens like tofu.(Soya bean Paneer in India) 

A woman must incorporate a regular exercise routine in her daily schedule. This can be in the form of a brisk walk or any other physical activity to build strong bones. Overall, physical activity induces a feeling of good health and is the best weapon against early menopause symptoms. 

One can also take hormone replacement therapy under strict medical supervision to combat early menopause symptoms. 

The line of treatment to overcome early menopause symptoms varies from a woman to woman and depends on the individual’s needs and physical health.