6 Amazing Habits To Improve Your Children's Immunity

It is normal for your little kids to get fever, cough, or cold once in a while. 

However, don't let the virus and bacteria disrupt their development. Therefore, boost your kids' immune system by doing these smart habits:

Tips to improve Child's Immunity

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1. Breastfeeding

There's no doubt that breast milk provides the best and complete nutrition for babies ever since they were born. The yellow colostrums, which come out in the early days after the labor, are proved to have antibodies that can protect babies from many illnesses, such as diarrhea and meningitis. 

2. Consuming Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients to boost your kids' health. 

Having them on the daily menu will prevent your loved ones from infection. 

Seasonal Fruits like Mangoes, berries, oranges, Guava are great immunity boosters, so always make sure you take full advantage of the season and allow your child to have plenty of fruits.

3. Making Hygiene as a Way of Life

Washing their hands with soap is a very good start. 

Always do it before having meals, after using the bathroom, after playing, and after handling their pets. like Cat and Dogs 

4. Having Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep can lead to the decline of the body's immunity. 

Taking a nap every day is a good way to make your children have enough sleep.

If they refuse it, put them to bed earlier in the evening. 

5. Doing Exercises or Outdoor Activities

Ask them to join you doing exercises or enjoy playing outside together because these activities will increase your kids' endurance. 

Playing football, soccer, hiking, and swimming are examples of exciting activities you can do with them. 

6. Saying No to Packaged food

Packaged foods are unhealthy for the kids as they contain chemical preservatives as well as not natural. Avoid giving them these foods.

Encourage your kids to have more cooked homemade food

Simple habits, right? 

Yet you probably don't recognize how important they are for your kids' fitness. 

Talk about this with your spouse and both of you can start a new beginning with healthier kids and family.