What Exercises To Avoid During Early Pregnancy ?

 What Exercises To Avoid During Early Pregnancy

The days of pregnant women kicking their feet up and not moving from the couch for nine months are days of the past. 

For those of you who love sit ups, crunches and floor pushups, you can continue to do these up until you hit about 14 weeks or so. 

After 14 weeks of Pregnancy period no floor exercises are recommended.

While strenuous exercise is a no no,  pregnancy is no longer a good excuse to stop moving.    

Some of the Sports like Football, Martial Arts like Wrestling & Boxing are also to avoid from day 1 of Pregnancy

Please do not do Any Yoga poses or Exercise that need you to lay down on your back , as it will create complications in the uterus. 

So Keeping in mind about the Yoga Poses as well as the risk factor doing some Exercise is the best way you can understand to avoid or not.